Tjidurian 19: Rumah Budaya yang Dirampas (Seized Culture House)


A film on the experience of LEKRA artists who once lived, worked, and produced at Jalan Tjidurian 19, Cikini, Central Jakarta.

This home-office was owned by the head of LEKRA’s internal affairs, Oey Hay Djoen. It was seized, occupied, then sold to a third party by New Order state officials. Now it has been turned into a luxurious multi-storey building. The New Order regime systematically and structurally confiscated buildings and buried memory which created significant gaps within the trajectory of the nation’s history. Amrus Natalsya, Amrazan Ismail Hamid, S. Anantaguna, Hersri Setiawan, Martin Aleida, Putu Oka Sukanta, and T. Iskandar A.S. all share their experience, as well as their feeling of deep loss. It was in this cultural house that they did not only produce their earlier work, but also exercised equality, and debated about aesthetics, politics, and ideology.


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